Power and Strength in the World of Diabetes

I would like to invite you to see things through my eyes. I see a world of food which is good for us. And which is not a compromise. But a right which our grandparents never had. 

This is the way I live. And I have everything. And I go about life with a smile. 

In my world – if you don’t have it, you are taught, required and expected to have. 

In my world, my environment has to adapt to me. And if the coffee house has no low-carb milk, I bring my own and explain to everyone that this is the coffee that suits me as a diabetic. 

In my world, we are in control and being controlled and made to compromise and eat things that aren’t right for our bodies. 

In my world, everyone around me takes notice of me and follows my example on how to eat right and not overload your body with sugars. 

In my world I’m powerful and strong, and I lead others. The cashier at the supermarket and the guy who makes coffee at the stall in the mall. And Mom and Dad. Teaching them to see the sum total of the carbs in products. 

We diabetics deserve food that is right for us and tastes good. 

It is time we bridge the desire of the soul and body. 

And no, my soul doesn’t want a cake fool of sugar. My soul wants a long and healthy life. And if there’s no cake for diabetics next door to our house, then you and I will make sure there is. Because we deserve it.


In the photo – Geva Coffee in Givatayim. The waiters were told that this is a low-carb milk, and this meal of cauliflower with pesto and Parmesan suits me as a diabetic. 

Shabbat Shalom!


הצטרפו אלי לקבוצה הרפתקאותינו בממלכת הסוכרת-הקבוצה-לירון מידן



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