Liron Meidan

Diabetic and Naturopath

Welcome to my website 

During my experience I found simple and easy solutions for dealing with diabetes. I found how to ease the suffering. 

How we can stay full, alert, pleased and balanced. 

Our Solutions

Guidance and Support

We have three programs of personal support available. I reach out and show you the path to walk on your own. It’s easier and simpler than it seems.

Recipes for Diabetes

A selection of nice and easy recipes to prepare at home.

Standards Stamp for Products

I have defined the standard stamps for products that I have checked myself on my own blood sugar. The information I have gathered is at your service, diabetics, and is free.

Recommendations for Liron Meidan, naturopath and dietologist for diabetics

Salem Adi
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Wow way to go 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 I’d wish… and yes I agree it’s an amazing group and I personally received a lot of information and asked a lot of questions and always got answers 😊😊😊thank you Liron for making this group ❤️ ❤️
Ronit HaNegby
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Yesterday I had a meeting with the endocrinologist Liron Meidan who couldn’t understand why I came at all… sugar is great … excellent. Thanks to the diet and learning from you and the rest of this amazing community
Nadel Rivka
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My Adventures in Diabetes Land – Liron Meidan is the real deal! Your group and the fact that you care, saved me (just so you know I did a blood test this week and the sugar during the fast was 88 and the a1c 5.4…) 💪🏻 💪🏻
Avi Alon
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The most amazing group I know of, Liron your initiative has helped many people and me personally in our struggles with diabetes 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
Avihay Kahalani
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Liron, thanks to you I’m now really into this whole thing of low carb… and I can see the results, great to be part of this group…
Itamar Gobas
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Thanks also to the amazing Liron who has the best diabetes group, always encouraging and ready to lend an ear, like no other place on facebook or anywhere else. Liron’s group is wonderful. Professional and the writing is nice not aggressive and didactic.
Esther Catter
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My Adventures in Diabetes Land – Liron Meidan, thank you and your page, thanks to you I did a test today and the values are going down
Michal Yosef
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Hi, Liron, I’m so glad to be part of your amazing group I’ve had diabetes for 35 years and every time I learn new things from you which even my doctors unfortunately never told me… I always asked why I was going to sleep with a reasonable value and get up with over 200 it drove me nuts and nobody gave me an answer!! I also belong to the group from 3 in the morning. Starts climbing higher and higher... …so a big thanks for being there you are helping me at least with your knowledge and your willingness to give…
Bat-Ami Weis Malka
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Liron, darling my compliments on the pleasant group. I really really enjoy reading everything you write it gives me strength. I feel everyone here gets the attention they need. Thank you.