Diabetes Consultations for Restaurants

As a diabetic, I can tell you that most of the meals at your restaurant are not suited for those with diabetes. They don’t know what to order in your restaurant, and for the most part, diabetic clients eat food which isn’t suitable for them, and they are paying for it with their health. They mostly experience disappointment and skip the restaurant in the future, preferring to eat at home. 

I have the knowledge and power to help you adapt your meals to their needs by means of easy and simple changes. I have the expertise to instruct your waiters so they can answer questions posed by diabetics. 

I mark places which have undergone my certification with the brand mark – certified by Liron Meidan. That way the diabetics feel confident coming back to eat at your place. 

To request consultation services, the creation of menus suited for diabetics, and communication with your diabetic clientele – 052-4803868