What do you do on meetings with me?

  1. Tell me everything. I need information about you.
  2. Decide on a new strategy divided into steps.
  3. Determine milestones, short and long-term goals.
  4. Reach all the milestone and goals we have determined.
  5. Solve problems and get answers to questions.
  6. Learn to ask ourselves the right questions about food.

What programs are available?

Short 2-Meetings

Good for experienced diabetics who already know what to do but need help getting back on track. Those who have questions about specific products. Good for healthy people who want to reduce sugars and carbs in their diet and learn to read nutritional value.


This is the recommended program. Suitable for those who want to lose weight. Suitable for diabetics type 1 and 2 and Lada type diabetics. Good for diabetic children and their parents. Suitable for diabetics with accompanying conditions like celiac, overweight people, people with blood pressure. Suitable for diabetics type 2 who want to lose weight. Suitable for diabetics who take insulin and want to lose weight.


Good for new and old diabetics who need regular and frequent guidance. Good for those in emotional turmoil and unable to accept their new condition. Good for those who feel they need to take back control over their lives. Good as a gift from the heart for a brother or a mother or a friend who suffers from diabetes and you’ve noticed they don’t smile as much.

To order a one-time meeting

Premium Program

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