Diabetes Consultations for Hotels

יעוץ סוכרת למלונות לירון מידן

Approximately 12% of your clients who eat at your hotel dining room have diabetes or prediabetes. 

This information is especially disconcerting since most of them are not approaching you to ask for food that is suitable for them. 

They need food to suit their condition and at the moment they are damaging their health because they are ashamed to ask. 

They are ashamed of their diabetes. 

The eating experience at the hotel turns from a significant experience to a negative one. 

I am here to help you provide diabetics with a good and tasty customer experience. 

Using a range of easily performed procedures, the diabetic customers will feel that the hotel staff are taking them into account, they will be pleased and come back next time. 

I will help you maintain high standards of service. A taste and quality of food that is safe for diabetics.



I mark hotels where I do consulting work with my brand mark – certified by Liron Meidan. That way diabetics feel the confidence to come back to you and order family packages. 
To request consultation services for hotels, instructions for chefs and waiters, creating a diabetic-oriented menu – call 052-4803868