Who Woke Up This Morning with High Sugar Levels?

We strayed, had something during the holidays which we shouldn’t have, or we ate too much of something and now our sugar is high. 


What do we feel? Perhaps a feeling of failure? 


You and I together take responsibility for what we have chosen to eat yesterday on Passover eve. 

We look in the mirror and trust the person we see in front of us. 

We decide to get control over ourselves. 

We are brave enough to deal with the consequences of what we have done. 

Why does it matter, you ask me?

Because when we take responsibility, we feel in control. 

I have the power and I can choose to eat something else today. 

I can decide to ask for help. 

I can decide to learn more about food which is good for me as a diabetic. 


Everyone who got up today with high sugar, I want to see you hold your heads up proudly. 

Because there is a way to learn to live a good life with diabetes! 


I am Liron Meidan, Naturopath and diabetic. 


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